I was very pleased with the interview I had during this first contact.

Álvaro GUILLAMON and Carlos ROMERO,

of the Majadahonda store (Madrid),Spain.
Why did you choose the Schmidt brand and to open a showroom ?
The main reason was that I wanted to become a business owner and be self-employed. I discovered Schmidt at Expofranquicias Madrid 2008 and I was very pleased with the interview I had during this first contact. The follow-up appointment was kept and I was entitled to a highly professional presentation of the type of activity and advantages associated with the brand. Learning about SCHMIDT Groupe’s level of participation in the launch of new showrooms was particularly decisive for me and as a result, I was completely convinced. Moreover, the expansion manager’s presentation was totally coherent and in sync with reality. I liked that SCHMIDT Groupe grants major importance to the personal values of applicant business owners when selecting its associates.
What stage of your project are you at today ? Does the present-day situation correspond to what you were looking for ? We opened the showroom 13 months ago. Our economic performance has surpassed our expectations and SCHMIDT Groupe’s behaviour, as our partner, is aligned with our outlook. Although starting up a business is never easy (and even less so in crisis periods), the manufacturer has always done its utmost to help us overcome our problems.