To this day, I am still convinced that I made the right choice.

Pierre-Yves CAUCHY,

of the Schmidt showroom in Varennes-lès-Macon (France), July 2006.

Why did you decide to pick kitchens from so many other business sectors ?

I chose kitchens, because the business has a healthy bottom line and there is high demand among French consumers. Furthermore, I prefer selling an unfinished product that calls for expertise in terms of design, fitting and good organisation. That makes it easier to gain an edge over the competition.

Why did you choose the Schmidt brand ?

Because Schmidt is the leading kitchen brand in France, and especially since the people I met when going through my initial choices proved to be highly professional and always ready to make time for me. To date, I am more convinced than ever that I have made the right choice.

What are your future objectives or projects with the group ?

Continuing increasing the turnover of my Schmidt showroom. I am also planning to open another showroom, but a Cuisinella showroom this time.