Mastering the sales process is a big advantage over the competition.

Xavier DUMAS,

of the Schmidt store in Montauban (France) open since July 2009.

Why did you decide to pick kitchens from so many other business sectors ?

Before I joined the network, I was a Schmidt customer and I enjoyed their sales approach. I instantly pictured myself at the helm of a kitchen showroom. Kitchens are one of the few areas where products are made to measure. It therefore calls for an in-depth relationship with the consumer in order to gain their trust until the kitchen is fitted. It may take several months from wrapping up the sale to actually fitting the kitchen. That is the whole point of designing a kitchen. You need to be professional during the design and sale, and you particularly need to be organised to satisfy the customer at the end of the process, i.e. when fitting the kitchen.

Instead of deterring me, that is the part of the business that convinced me the most. Keeping a handle on the process is key to achieving an edge over the competition and fending off the growing power of the Internet.

Why did you choose the Schmidt brand ?

I chose Schmidt, because it is a family company and the undisputed leader in its field. In my eyes, Schmidt offers superior expertise in terms of product knowledge and network management. Aside from the fact that brand recognition is a natural asset for a store’s success, Schmidt also delivers training and organisational tools that are unique to the profession. Although I did not have a kitchen background, I have found Schmidt to be an effective partner that enabled me to launch a turnkey Cuisinella showroom in the city of Montauban. Over the past year, I have strengthened my leadership in Montauban by opening an all-new Schmidt showroom.

What is the present-day situation ?

After being in business for a year, the Schmidt showroom in Montauban generated a turnover of two million euros, right on target and making it 3rd in the south-west area. I am now preparing my team to be more independent in anticipation of opening a third showroom. As they say, good things always come in threes ! To be continued...